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Opa xylobladz
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About us..

About us

The business originally was founded and owned by Slim & Almut Strecker and known as Timber Treasures. Cabinetmaking was the core business and this moved through phases in industry and then aligned itself to custom made timber furniture, trophies and custom made articles in timber and woodturning.


This business was taken over by son Marty Strecker and slowly refocused and evolved as Xylobladz where Marty has combined his background as a cabinetmaker with his love of the water to develop a unique type of canoeing paddle.

We custom make outrigger canoe paddles to feature original designs and options. We have a keen interest in being there to help develop the sport of Outrigger canoeing and train and participate in regional and international events.


Marty, Maata, Johahn and Toby take pride in what we do and who we are, making our original designs and ideas and flattered by those trying copy what we do. Our paddles are hand made and finished.

xylobladz :- where did we get this from, what does it mean?


Dictionary Definition


xylo- /'zaIlou/ wood
[Gk, combining form in the word xulon -wood]

bladz / bleIdz (plural form of blade) ~ 3. the flattened functional part of an oar, spade, propeller, paddle, bat, skate, etc.





xylobladz outrigger and sup paddles

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Featuring from the Vault...


Circa 1987-1988


This is time when we first started making our paddles available....sooo different now!! 

Outrigger canoe  xylobladz outrigger and sup paddles

Regrettably doors closed April 8, 2024.

Who knows what the future holds.

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