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I have a Question ..


"My coach said to get my own paddle"

"My partner paddles and want to get them a gift, which paddle do I need?"

"I have a paddle (or 6 ) and I am looking for something I can use specifically for....?"


3 basic steps to determine what you may need.

  1. Who is it for and what races do they do most.

  2. This gives a clue of what shape the blade is ideal and which bend in the shaft

  3. Finally, a body check to sort out the length to suit your stature.

HANDMADE Timber Outrigger Canoe Paddles.

because you feel it - and connect with tradition and nature.

                                             Call 07 49548488  

Enter your email and we'll send you out a more detailed guide and check list so we can make exactly what you would like and keep you up to date.

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You know what you want?
ORDER and build it here to finalize your options

Pro Paddles with all the options

i Paddle Single bend

i Paddle Double bend

i Steer

Basic Paddle

Check out the designs we have available to really customize your paddle-click here 


A link to all the designs we have available for xylobladz

You want your own paddle,  maybe standout a little and maybe you have to add to your arsenal.
An OC paddler wanting to get on a SUP- vice versa.  
You love the feel of timber as it connects you with nature and tradition. 


You're not so keen to have the edges chip on your carbon blade.

Some of them feel a little too stiff and unforgiving and maybe even too light in some conditions.

You have spent a lot of coin on your OC1 /2 or SUP and don't like getting it notched by the clip the hull sometimes.

A carbon paddle breaks and you pretty much throw it away. Sometimes your joints get sore.

We love finding that speacial paddle and help you get, or design what you want. We'll assess what you use at the moment. Chat about what it is you like in your timber paddle, how you want to use it...what type of racing/paddling you do.  We are passionate about getting the closest size/length of paddle for your stature. Then we'll make it just for you.  If we don't get to see you personally, we'll send it!

If you know what you want, give us the specs, we'll ask for payment details and your order goes on the board. Boom..send it out when it's complete.

Maybe you need a little help with the shaft and blade shape, we'll walk you through.

You can then pick a design, it goes on the board, pick it up, we'll deliver or send it!!



Your paddle will feel great in your hands, peace of mind knowing your craft will not get damaged, if your paddle gets some hard labour, you know we can repair it and it will be as good as new.

We are LOCAL, Australians and spending our money in your shops and industries 

Is your story like this?

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